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Storage Unit

Or, as it were, units.

Portland OR "Denver Holding Cell"

Door code is 2+4 then 3. There is 24-hour access to the physical unit. It is a 5x5 storage locker. Note that you need a key to access the actual unit.

The Bismarck Burial Ground

The Bismarck (my 1985 VW Vanagon) is parked in an RV storage facility on the edge of Aurora, at E-470 and Iliff. Facility is called "Your Storage Center at Murphy Creek" (map). You will need a door code to get in to the RV lot, that code is in my Password Vault. RV is parked in the "South Upper Lot".

There is also a 5x5 unit here with misc. flotsam. Eventually the contents of the "Denver Holding Cell" will wind up here.