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A 60 Hz pulse practice 37 is generated by vertical sync generator 32 and is similarly applied to a DOT 1 vertical generator 29 to offer width WV and voltage managed delay TV1. E and O. It's instantly coupled to a DOT 1 horizontal generator 36. By varying voltage eH1, delay TH1 will be various for spot positioning from left to right of the Tv display. FIG. 3. To derive DOT 1, assume that a pulse of width WH is generated TH1 microseconds after the incidence of every horizontal sync pulse. Outline these new pulses as PH1 -- horizontal video pulse for Suggested Looking at DOT 1. If these PH1 pulses were used as unblanking (video) in the Tv set, the beam would brighten every time it had moved a distance equivalent to TH1 from the left side of the display screen. After about 250 such horizontal scans (lines) the beam has progressed to the underside of the display. If PV1 were used alone as the unblanking (video) sign to the Television set, ten strains the width of the set could be brightened whereas PV1 was on and a vibrant horizontal bar of width WV (proven shaded in FIG. 3) would be considered. Alternatively, relatively than employ overlay mask 30, the pattern to be supplied could be displayed instantly on the display 18. The pattern will be broadcast by Tv stations or alternatively can be despatched to a non-used channel over closed-circuit or CATV lines.

Previous to participating in a recreation, the overlay mask 30 is temporarily connected to tv screen 18 and in such close proximity to it as not to create any distortion when considered with reference to dots 24 and 25. One sort of overlay mask represents a ping-pong internet 19 for use for enjoying a modified game of ping-pong. An overlay mask 30 of some kind of transparent materials comparable to plastic or the like, having some type of sample, image or different illustration pertaining to the particular sport to be performed is proven in a lifted position. Still one other pattern could signify a handball or volleyball courtroom, and so forth. These are however a few of the many sort video games that can be adapted to be used with the present invention. A lesson from the past is that Handball (only) players could play a very good game of Racquetball, however Racquetball (only) players couldn’t even start to play Handball.

This is due to its off yellow color, its, however, suitable for learners and recreational gamers. Nonetheless, within the embodiment of FIG. 5, no coincidence gate is required. The gate has an output only when each PH1 and PV1 are on. From FIG. Three it is obvious that the beam is now unblanked only where the PH1 vertical shaded column and the PV1 horizontal shaded bar overlap. Knob 161 controls the vertical place of dot 201, whereas knob 171 controls the horizontal position thereof. Because the last step in dot generation, dot 1 horizontal video pulses (PH1) and vertical video pulses (Pv1) are handed by a coincidence gate. The dot generators are described intimately under along with the schematic of FIG. 7A. The two outputs from the dot generators are tied together and supply the video sign for DOT 1. In the overall case illustrated in FIG. 4, a coincidence gate is shown coupling the vertical and horizontal pulses for each dot to be displayed. The gate output becomes DOT 1 video (unblank) sign. For example, a recreation may be performed wherein one dot is to be positioned over the other and when that is accomplished one dot will disappear and/or the background will change color.

It continues to be one other object of the present invention to permit the use of a normal Tv set for gaming or different activities with out the necessity for any sort of inside electrical connection to the Tv set for the introduction of video and/or chroma alerts, connections being required to be made solely to the externally accessible antenna terminals. No. 697,798, filed Jan. 15, 1968 and "Tv Gaming Apparatus and Methodology" Ser. The management apparatus has video sign control means mounted thereon for easy access and connecting means are supplied for coupling the video alerts generated within the control field to the tv receiver. The principal components of 1 embodiment of a tv gaming system configured in response to the invention are illustrated in FIG. 1 which is a pictorial view exhibiting a television receiver 10, a control unit 14 and means 12 for connecting management unit 14 to receiver 10. The television receiver 10 employed can be any of the standard commercially available models which are generally used for residence leisure. Heretofore, coloration and monochrome television receivers have been used generally by the home and other viewers as passive devices; i.e., the television receiver is used solely as a display means for programming originating at a studio.